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I work with adults experiencing challenges related to PTSD, complex trauma, grief, end-of life transition, eco-anxiety, treatment resistant depression, relational challenges, and integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness. I am passionate about helping clients gain insight through self-inquiry, heal attachment through authentic connection, release trauma through embodied awareness, and experience breakthrough by dismantling patterns that no longer serve them. I encourage clients to access their own inner healing intelligence as they work towards making new meaning from their past, softening their worries about the future, and arriving in the present moment with a sense of acceptance, connectivity, and strength.

I believe that healing is not a one-size-fits-all process and as such I like to collaborate with my clients to find the treatment approach that resonates with them. Some methods that I incorporate in therapy include Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga and somatic awareness work, expressive arts, EMDR, parts integration work, nature-based therapy, and attachment-based therapy.

I have served a diverse range of clients in residential treatment, juvenile detention, high school student assistance programs, community behavioral health, crisis stabilization in a hospital setting, supervisory roles with the Zendo Project, and private practice. I have completed level 2 training in EMDR and engage in regular continuing education to remain current in my understanding of my areas of specialization. I have formal training in both Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy through the Polaris Insight Center, MDMA Assisted Therapy through MAPS, and have completed the Synthesis Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program. I have also served as a learning facilitator, educator, and content advisor for the Synthesis Institute, a psychedelic practitioner training program. Additional experience includes over 20 years studying Shipibo shamanism, 25 years of practicing/teaching yoga and meditation, and multiple years of combined experience in service to children and elders in developing countries.

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